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Edward Fenn Gaylord -- reference 1

The Connecticut Granges, Industrial
Publishing Company, New Haven, CT, 1899

EDWARD Fenn Gaylord, son of William Lewis and Nancy (Fenn) Gaylord, was born at Syracuse, New York, July 3 1, 1848. H e came to Whigville (Burlington) twenty-six years ago and during all that time has beena moving force and power for, progress in his adopted home.  He belongs to the order of busy men, and his tireless energy is a stimulus for activity in all with whom he comes in contact. His enlistment in any undertaking gives it impetus, whilst his example and ready, mental resourcefulness insure its speedy consummation. These qualities applied to his farming enterprises have clothed them with profit, and have further developed for him large and profitable interests as a timber contractor. Besides these, and a general teaming business in which he often has extensive en engagement engagements, he is a grain and feed merchant.

He has been associated with the Patrons of Husbandry, as a member of Whigville Grange for about nine years.  He joined tht body just at the time it was in the toils of a struggle in hall building.   The contractor who had undertaken the work fell into financial decrepitude and left the grange with a knotty problem. The difficulties all yielded under Mr. Gaylord's trained and masterful hand, and the ;problem, was speedily solved.  In recognition of his capable services he was chosen Master of
the grange for two consecutive terms and for term at a later period. He has also been Overseer in Central Pomona for the past two years, and is the present (1899) Master. He is a thorough-going granger, and his membership in the Order is marked by the same concentration of force and executive zeal that characterizes his other activities. He has taken the seventh degree and otherwise absorbed all that is attainable of the institution.

Mr. Gaylord was married, Sept. 16, 1869 to Martha C. T Tuttle, of Bristol, Conn. Mrs. Gaylord is a zealous Patron and a valuable member of the Order. She has; been Ceres of the local grange for several years, Pomona in Central Pomona for three years and is serving her fourth year as Ceres of the State Grange.