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A Long Long Time Ago in France  --  page 3

(continued from previous page) A highway once extended from Goose corner westward, and came out near the barn of Mrs. M. B. Way, formerly the Barnum place. Following this old highway, now a farm road, from Goose corner to the east line of Mr. Tuttle's land, and then turning south a few rods, one will come to the dividing line of two fields, the fence running east and west on Mr. Tuttle's land. A little to the north of this fence is an old apple z tree, and just north-west of the apple tree stood the house built by Edward Gaylord. Stones that were formerly in the foundation walls may still be seen. The old cellar was filled up by Mr. Tuttle, so that its location is pretty exactly known by him. Further south, in the adjoining field, near a large mulberry tree the old well was situated. This has long been filled up. The Gaylord family held possession of this land long after ceasing to live upon it, until it came into the possession of Hr. Tuttle's father. A lane leading southward past the house of Mrs. M. R. Blakeslee, is called Gaylord lane to this day, and forms the boundary line between the twelfth and third school districts.

Edward's sons were Moses, Aaron, Reuben, Jesse, Edward and David; indeed if there were no other patriarchs represented in the family it was because the supply of sons did not hold out. 2n the revolution, Aaron and David were privates in the sixth company of the second regiment, Connecticut Militia, under Captain, afterwards Colonel, Nodiah Hooker, of Farmington . . . . David Gaylord was one of the first deacons of the Congregational church. Aaron was one of the victims of the Wyoming massacre, July 3, 1778.

Jesse, fourth son of Edward, built the house on Fall Mountain . . . .

The military title of Captain, which Jesse received as a train-band officer, was also borne by three of his descendants...
   Jesse's sons were Jesse and Lot ... T
   The children of Lot were: 
   Of these children Jesse remained upon the old homestead. 
His children were Eleanor, Rachel and Jesse. 
   Captain Jesse Gaylord . . 
   His son Jesse lived upon the old place until 
   early in the seventies. . .