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Webmaster's notes:  1) I believe this is my mother's summary of the pages that follow. There are several copies of this summary which do not agree, so if the text that follows on other pages is different, believe that text. 2) The citation at the top of page 2, I believe is the source of all the pages that follow. 3) I have made every attempt to keep punctuation and spelling as in the original documents.


WILLIAM GAYLORD b. Exeter, Devonshire England. 
           in 1630 on "Mary and John" 
           landing at Nantucket, Mass., May 30
   d. July 20, 1673 Windsor, Conn.
   c. Elizabeth, William, Samuel, Walter, John.

WALTER GAYLORD, b. England about 1622, settled Windsor, Conn.
   m. Mary Stebbins of Hartford April 22, 1648.
   c. Joseph; Mary; Joanna; Samuel Benjamin; Isaac
m.   Sarah Rockwell March 22 1658
   c. Eliezer; Sarah

JOSEPH GAYLORD b. May 13, 1649
   m. Sarah Stanley July 14, 1670
   c. Sarah; Joseph; John; William; Benjamin; Elizabeth;
      Mary; Abigail; Joanna; Ruth

JOSEPH GAYLORD, b. April 22, 16?3
   m. Mary Hickox in 1709
      d. about 1742.
      c. Timothy, Samuel, Edward, Benjamin, Joseph Jr.
   [John should have been listed here]

      c. Edward, Aaron and Moses

   c. Moses, Aaron, Reuben, Jesse, Edward, David

      c. Joseph Thomas and Nathan, b. Cheshire, Conn.

JOSEPH GAYLORD , m. Ruth Matthews 1750
   c. Joseph; William; Chauncey; Chloe; Marvin; Cyrus; 
      Phebe; Lydia; Philip

PHILIP GAYLORD, b. August 21, 17'8, m. Lucinda Johnson about 1809
   c. Maria; William Lewis: Marvin; Susan

    m. Nancy Fenn. d. August 15; 1860, Buchanan County, Mo.
    c. Jane (Jennie ?); Susan; William; Marvin Lewis; Edward Fenn
EDWARD FENN GAYLORD b. July 31, 1848 Syracuse, N.Y.
    m. Martha Caroline Tuttle Sept. 15, 1869.
    d. May 29, 1905
    c. Luther Lewis; Charles Edward; Jennie Martha.

CHARLES EDWARD. GAYLORD, b. Oct. 3i, 1876, 
    m. May Lydia Stone Jan. 26, 1899 
    d. June a ?9, 1960 1
    c. Marjorie (Margery) May; Irvin Charles; Dorothy Ellen;
      Katherine Edith; Leila Mary; Leonard Miles;
      Arnold Marshall.