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JOHN WARREN DANFORTH. Mr. Danforth was married in Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Penn., Jan. 26, 1847 to MARY GAYLORD, daughter of Henderson and Bethis (Nesbitt) Gaylord, and a descendant of an old and highly respected Connecticut family, of whom further mention will shortly be made. To this union were born three children. MARY, ELLA, JOSEPH.

The old Gaylord family of which Mrs. Mary Danforth is a descendant, is traced tack to WILLIAM GAYLORD, who came from England about 1630. WALTER, the next head of the family, married Mary, daughter of Deacon Stebbins, of Hartford, Conn. JOSEPH, of the third generation, married Sarah Stanley. JOHN of the fourth, married Elizabeth Hickox. JOSEPH, of the fifth, the great-great-grandfather of Mrs. Danforth, was born in what was then Farmington, Conn., but lived the greater part of his life in Wallingford and Bristol, died in Bristol. CHARLES, of the sixth generation born in Wallingford, Conn. married Hannah Andrus and died while serving in the revolutionary War, July 5 1777. Of the seventh generation was CHARES ELEAZER GAYLORD, M. D. of Wyoming Valley, Penn., a native of Bristol, Conn. Of the eighth, was HENDERSON GAYLORD, and of the ninth, is mrs. Mary G. Danforth, widow of the subject of this sketch. Among the ancestors of Deacon Danforth may also be mentioned Thomas Scott John Stanley, Edward Stebbins, the Hickoxes and Riches, all very prominent. people in both Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Mrs. Danforth still has her home in Hartford.