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The Gaylords -- page 3

WALTER GAYLORD, who was born in England about 1622 came with his father, William Gaylord, and settled in Windsor, Conn. He first married Mary Stebbins, daughter of Deacon Edward Stebbins, of Hartford, April 22 1648. She died June 29, 1657 having borne her husband five children: Joseph, May 13, 1649, Mary, March 19, 1651 Joanna Feb. 5, 1653 married John Porter); Samuel Benjamin April 12 1655; and Isaac June 21, 1657. The second marriage of Walter Gaylord, on March 22, 1658, was to Sarah Rockwell daughter of William Rockwell and to this union were born two childen: Eliezer, March 7, 1662, and Sarah, April 13, 1665 (Mrs, William Phelps).

JOSEPH GAYLORD, eldest son of Walter early settled at Farmington, part of which afterward became the town of Waterbury, but late in life about 1708, removed to Durham, where his sons, Joseph and John, already located. To his marriage with Sarah Stanley July 14, 1670, were born the following named children, the dates of birth of four only being on record: Sarah; Joseph born April 22, 1673; John; William; Benjamin; Elizabeth; Mary Abigail; Joanna Ruth.

JOSEPH GAYLORD , second child of Joseph and Sarah (Stanley) Gaylord, married Mary Hickox, in 1709, and of the children born to him we have the following record: Timothy; [John,. see next paragraph]; Samuel; Edward married Mahilaba Brooks Aug. 16, 1733; Benjamin, Joseph, Jr. The father died probably about 1742.