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JOHN GAYLORD born in Bristol, second son of Joseph and Mary (Hickox) Gaylord (but not enumerated above), lived in Waterbury for a time, but removed to Wallingford, died about 1753. In his will, admitted to probate at New Haven in January 1754 he named six sons and five daughters, the state being valued at over 2,500 in Wallingford and Farmington. In the possession of the present family of Gaylords are deeds from this same John (supposed to be to his son Edward). John Gaylord, it is said, was the father of thirteen children, of whom, however, a record of three sons only can be made: Edward, Aaron and Moses. Aaron, a lieutenant, born in Bristol in 1745, went to Wyoming, Pennsylania, in 177?. He had married Katherine Cole, who bore Kim three children: Lemuel, Phebe and Lorena, and it is in honor of the mother of these, for her bravery at the massacre of Wyoming, that the Daughters of the American Revolution at Bristol have named their chapter the "Katherine Gaylord."

EDWARD GAYLORD was married man when he came to Bristol (then New Cambridge and bought lands, the deeds for which are still in the possession of the family. His children were Moses, Aaron, Reuben, Jesse, Edward and David.

DAVID GAYLORD was the first deacon of the Congregational Church at Bristol, but there is no record of his family having land there. It is known that he was the father of three sons, Joseph, Thomas and Nathan, born in Cheshire, Conn.

JOSEPH GAYLORD, son of David settled on a farm in the town of Bristol, married Ruth Matthews in 1750, and had born to him eleven children: Joseph, William, Chauncey, Chloe, Marvin, Cyrus, Phebe, Lydia and Philip born Aug. 21, 1778.

PHILIP GAYLORD married Lucinda Johnson about 1809, and lived with his mother on the home farm for twenty years afterward, after which he kept a hotel in Bristol. Their children were Maria, William Lewis, Marvin and Susan.