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The Tuttle Family Page 13 


126426 Luther Lemuel Tuttle, b. July 4, 1807

Both his parents dying when he was only nine months old, he was adopted and brought up by an aunt, Mrs. Rozannah Bartholomew Cowles, wife of Asahel Cowles, who lived on Peaceable Street, Bristol, Conn. Here Luther L. Tuttle spent his childhood, boyhood and manhood, here he brought his bride and here his six children were born, and brought up in a peaceful Christian home.

Luther L. Tuttle d. May 16, 1873, at the age of 66, respected and beloved by all who knew him.

Mr. Tuttle's daughter, Martha Caroline, who married E. F. Gaylord, still resides at the old homestead.

For further details regarding the family of Luther and Martha Tuttle see Records of the Lowrey family.