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From the foregoing we may infer that Wm. Tuttle was the equal, socially, of any of the colonists; that he lived and brought up his children in a manner befitting his condition, and carefully provided for them the means of starting in life; that he was a man of courage, enterprise, intelligence, probity and piety, a just man, whose counsels and judgments were sought to calm the contentions and adjust the differences of jarring neighbors and withal, of a tenderness of heart unusual in men whose lives were passed in strife and conflict with despotism, barbarism and the savage forces of nature through all these years that may truly be said to have tried men's souls, and to the last he possessed the respect and confidence of men whose souls were tried like his own.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle died December 30, 1684, aged 72 years

The inventory indicates a lady-like refinement in apparel and household appointments. That she was a faithful and true wife and mother we have good reason to believe. All her 12 children were reared to maturity amid privations, dangers and trials of which the mothers of the present day can hardly form a conception, and which very few indeed would have the courage to face, or the strength to endure. In her widowhood heavy afflictions were added to her weight of years, but the religious faith and hope which she publicly professed in her youth no doubt supported her as nothing else could do through all the dark and troubled way and unto the end.

Her grave stone was removed with the others in 1821 from the Old Green to the Grove Street Cemetery and it now stands in the row along the north wall of that enclosure. A part of the inscription is still plain, a part is obscure by the crumbling of the stone, and a part is entirely gone.

The exact date of his death does not appear. It was in the
early days of June, 1673.

 Passenger list of Planter, April 2d, 1635.

     William Tuttell, husbandman age  26
     Elizabeth Tuttell                23
     John Tuttle                      3 1/2
     Arena Tuttle                     2 1/4
     Thomas Tuttell                   3 months