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1 Simon Tuttle, baptized in New Haven March 28, 1647

He appears in the list of proprietors of Wallingford in 1670 and had lot #13 with eight acres of outland assigned to him.

Dr. Savage (Gen. Diet.) says he did not stay long. He did not in fact take up his allotment and probably continued in New Haven until after the death of his mother, December, 1684.

He is on the list of proprietors of New Haven in 1680 and received his share in the Third Division "two heads" showing at that time he had a wife but no children.

He was probably married in 1679 or 1680. In 1673 he is called of New Haven in an agreement for right of way signed by Thomas; David, Benjamin, Jonathan, Simon and Nathaniel Tuttle. The original paper is now in possession of the family of the late Elihu Blake, Esq., of New Haven, from which the facsimile of signature was traced by his daughter, Miss Emma L. Blake.

In 1677-8 conveyed to Benjamin Brackett "a part of land my father, Mr. William Tuttle, bought of John Punderson." In 1681 he conveyed lot of land on the West Side of West River, in the Fourth Division. In 1683 he conveyed house, barn and home lot, 5/8ths of an acre, bounded on the east by Nathan Andrews, west by the street, north by home lot, formerly Johnson's, and south by Edward D isfont (?) to Richard Higginbotham of New Haven. In these deeds he is called of New Haven. In 1685 "Simon Tuttle of Wallingford, cooper," conveys his portion of the Third Division in New Haven, 30 acres at Oyster Point, bounded on the west in part by the Milford line; receiving in exchange a lot adjoining the common on the east side. From these records it follows that he removed to Wallingford about 1685. Joseph P. Beach, Esq., of Cheshire, Conn., says, "Simon Tuttle, in the first lay out of Wallingford, in lye spring of 1670' had lot #13 on the east side of Main Street, and lot #21 of the river lots, but October 30, 1671 'not possessing his lot and the river lot' they were granted to Joseph Ives. In the Second Division in Wallingford Dec. 27, 1686, Simon Tuttle draws lot #52 and takes up 104 acres. In the Falls Plains, now Hanover or So. Meriden Division, Feb. 19, 1690, he gets lot #14. In. the Third Division he gets 79 acres.

1686 Simon Tuttle of Wallingford sells to Isaac Turner six acres "formerly belonging to my father Mr. William Tuttle," bounded on the north by Nathaniel Tuttle, south by John Mix, east by East River Meadow, west by county road. 1686 Simon and David convey to John Paine two parcels 12 1/2 acres lying together, east side of New Haven, East River, Third Division; April 5, 1687, John and Samuel Todd exrs. and sons of Christopher, confirmed an agreement made by said Christopher Todd, in his