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The Tuttle Family Page 4 


lifetime, with Simon Tuttle of Wallingford, for exchange of house and land in Branford owned by said Todd, 2 1/2 acres and house; also swamp land; also other parcels, 18 acres and 21 acres, for which Simon Tuttle gives lands in New Haven on west side of East River, 20 acres, bounded on the north by Jonathan Tuttle's land, on the south by Samuel Brown's home lot, on the east by Jonathan Tuttle's and land formerly belonging to Christopher Todd, and on the west by the highway. Also, 10 acres lying in Sasifras Plains, bounded east by the river, north and west by Jonathan Tuttle's land, and south by Samuel Brown's land.

Also six acres bounded north by Samuel Brown's land, east by river and Jonathan Tuttle, and north and east by Jonathan Tuttle's home lot and part of the lot formerly Christopher Todd's, as also all the rest of my land, being about 60 acres, lying there, bounded on the east by the river, north by Samuel Brown's home lot and south by Samuel Brown's land, together with half a house, and so forth, on aforesaid land. Samuel Munson, Martha Munson; June 24, 1693, he appeared before John Moss in Wallingford and acknowledged conveyance of land in New Haven Neck to John Atwater.

In 1701 rated at (pounds)19 on the Wallingford grand list.

In 1705 called Simon Tuttle, Sr., of Wallingford, in conveying to Samuel Tuttle of "all my right to undivided lands in New Haven"; John Hall, Elizabeth Hall, witnesses. 1705 conveyed to cousin Joshua Tuttle "all my right in Branford Division set to my father, Mr. William Tuttle, now (Feb. 14, 1705) laid out for his children."

He was appointed gauger and packer for the town of Wallingford March 1708-9 and at several times afterward. June 23, 1715, he gives to his son, Daniel, a house lot in Wallingford containing 1 1/2 acres, also other lands.

July 10, 1711, he gives to son Timothy the land, 9 1/2 acres "I bought of Roger Tyler."

Simon Tuttle died April 16, 1719.

His widow, Abigail, died August 11, 1722.