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p. 513 

126 Timothy Tuttle, born December 4, 1716; removed from Cheshire to Goshen, Conn., where he was an original proprietor and one of its first settlers.

The Goshen lots were sold in New Haven the first Tuesday in December, 1737, and the lot on which he settled was bought for him by his father. The settlement was begun 1739 and incorporated in 1749.

He went to Goshen in the fall of 1738 and superintended the laying out of his lands, which were chiefly in the west part of the town. His home lot was on the east side of the road, leading from the West Side Pond towards the meeting house, about 150 rods south-east from the pond outlet, nearly
opposite the house of his granddaughter, Huldah Tuttle. He was one of the listers of the town meeting, December 6, 1739.

He married Hannah, daughter of Noah Wadhams January 27, 1743.

He died October 23, 1760. His widow married (2) Hon. Silas Richmond.

Will probated in Litchfield same year.