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Here we see our Webmaster hard at work maintaining peace and freedom -- creating attendance and character guidance reports for review by clerical representatives of Brigadier Generals.

His mustache, in those puritan times, caused a big stir with the old Sergeant Majors -- fortunately for him he was spared the knife by virtue of being the only authorized mail clerk at the time -- And by the big guys' desire to have their mail hand delivered, slightly out-weighing their disgust.

Unfortunately, this photo was classified and has just recently been released -- (the unfortunate part being the release.)

If it had leaked at the time, we can imagine grave international consequences.   North Korea may well have correctly interpreted the universal meaning of his hand gesture (" 'short' -- meaning that he was a short-timer due to leave Korea soon").  Perhaps knowing he would leave shortly, the North's main fear of successfully annexing the South would have been removed.


Our Webmaster serving his Country in Korea...his role, if not his 
dedication sprang directly from Radar O'Riley in the movie MASH --
launched while he was on the scene in the northern most post in Korea.
This picture and his military exploits serve as living proof that
the movie was not half the farce the Army claimed at the time.