This Web site contains the history of the Gaylord Family, covering some of the  ancestors  of 
Charles E. Gaylord, of Bristol Connecticut, 
born 1876 and died 1960.

The main intent is the preservation and dissemination 
of information to his descendents and other relatives.

A long long time ago in France
The Gaylord Family Windsor Documents
The Lowrey Family
Stone and Jordan
The Tuttle Family

E. F. Gaylord -- farmer, entrepreneur, community leader     

Most of the information here was collected by, Dorothy E. Gaylord Weeks Goodale, of Bristol, Connecticut, born 1905 and died 1986, the daughter of Charles E. Gaylord.

1)  This is vary much a work in progress -- much more material to be added and more proofreading required 
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