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Nov. 17, 1729, Matthew Bellamy (father of Rev. Dr. Joseph, the celebrated divine) Sergeant Tuttle and Isaac Moss, a committee to build school house; also to manage society affairs for ensuing year. Also the next year and to manage school affairs.

Nov. 8, 1732, Sergeant Tuttle voted moderator for year ensuing. November 1, 1736, John Hull, Sergeant Tuttle and John Gaylord to manage society affairs.

On September 17, 1737, a new meeting house, 64 x 45 x 24' in height was voted, and Sergeant Tuttle to be moderator for year ensuing and on committee to manage society affairs and also in 1738.

June 12, 1739, on committee of three to sell the old meeting house. Chosen deacon August 19, 1739. In December, 1739, on committee of three to manage society affairs, and the two succeeding years.

In 1742 he was a member of the council for the ordination of Rev. Benj. Woodbridge as first pastor of the church at Amity (Woodbridge).

He bought land in Farmington of Benjamin Judd-Farm Land Records.

He died in Cheshire April 15, 1756,, aged 74,

His gravestone once standing in the old grave yard there, and on which faint traces of inscriptions are still visible, has been utilized in the construction of an adjacent stone fence.

His life began two years before the death of the ancestress of the race recorded in this work, and he doubtless sat on her knee and heard her voice. It ended only nine years before the birth in the house which he built, of her great-great-great grandson, Uri Tuttle, the father of the compiler, thus covering a period that embraces in part the contemporary history of five generations.

His will dated December 1753 "being in the 71st year of my age" names eldest son Ephraim executor, "wife Sarah to have all the estate she brought me at time of my marriage;" sons Moses, Gershon, Timothy, Simon," daughters Mary, wife of Miles Hull; Abigail, wife of John Gaylord; Mehitable, wife of Andrew Clark, and children of Rachel, who was wife of Nathan Tyler.

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He married November 2, 1706, Thankful Doolittle, who died November 23, 1728.

He married (2) June 9, 1729, Mary Rowe, who died January 22, 1738.

He married (3) May 17, 1739, Mary I Humiston, who died Jan. 22, 1748.

He married (4) June 28, 1749, Mrs. Sarah Humiston, widow of James and Daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail (Heaton) Atwater, who was born April 6, 1693, and died May 28, 1761.